Park2Go Auto Detailing Park2Go Phone Park2Go Quote Calculator Park2Go Rates Park2Go VIP Parker
Park2Go Auto DetailingPark2Go PhonePark2Go Quote CalculatorPark2Go RatesPark2Go VIP Parker

Park2Go offers discount long term airport parking and valet service at the Calgary International Airport YYC. With continually changing prices, Park2Go needed a content management system where they could quickly and easily update content.

Originally Park2Go was built on Drupal 6. Now that Drupal 8 has been released, it was time to upgrade. With a mobile first approach and OOP backend system, Park2Go is now up-to-date running on Drupal 8 with the latest web standards. Administrators can login to the Park2Go website to update content, rates and date availability. The reservation site connects to the Park2Go main site using the RESTful API and pulls in the current rates and available booking dates.

One of the main features of Park2Go is its Rate2Go Calculator. The system uses the current parking rates (set by administrators) and generates parking quotes for customers. Customers select the quote that suits them best, and reservations are completed within a few clicks.

As a client for over 9 years, Sage Solutions has continued to improve our website and our clients' experience. I know if there’s ever an emergency, Sage Solutions is available anytime. They are very quick to respond to time critical changes, and are always happy to do it.
George Garcia - General Manager
Park2Go Auto DetailingPark2Go PhonePark2Go Quote CalculatorPark2Go RatesPark2Go VIP Parker


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