Journal of Health Design

Journal of Health Design
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The Journal of Health Design (JHD) is a peer-reviewed scientific publication. JHD aims to publish papers describing the development and evaluation of innovations to improve the patient experience of health care.

Built on the OJS system, users can sign up and publish journals. While OJS is great for articles and the workflow of publishing journals, it lacks the ability to add basic pages and update content easily. Using Drupal 9 as a decoupled backend system, we created RESTful web services to allow the OJS system to connect with the data stored in Drupal. Content editors can use all the features of the Drupal editing system while not worrying about the rendering of the content. This makes adding, editing and updating content much easier to the users, and provides clean and consistent results.

Creating and editing content such as people, podcasts, videos, infographics, sponsors and partners are done in the Drupal backend, and then integrated into the OJS system.

ArticlesEditorial TaemPodcasts


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